4 Signs Your House Needs To Be Repainted

Understand How to Determine Whether Your House Needs New Paint

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Cracked, red paint on the side of a home.

Peeling or Cracking Paint

One of the first and most obvious signs your home needs a repainting is cracking and peeling paint. These signs are an indication that sun, rain, snow, and other elements have taken a toll on your home’s exterior paint. When your paint begins to peel and crack, the materials underneath it are no longer protected, which can lead to issues such as mildew, mold, dry rot, etc. If you notice these issues on your home’s exterior, our team at Touch 2 Colours can help!

Paint samples and a paintbrush on a wooden surface.

Fading Paint

The sun is hard on paint, so over time, your exterior paint will begin to fade. If you’ve noticed your paint is really beginning to fade, it’s time to call the professionals at Touch 2 Colour for exterior painting! We can ensure your home looks good as new in no time!

Freshly painted home.

Cracked Caulk

Caulk is a material used to seal joints or seams in your home to help protect against leakage. Over time, caulking begins to lose its elasticity, meaning it can no longer protect your home. Additionally, aside from protecting your home, it also helps make your paint job look better and last longer. If you notice your caulk is looking cracked, this is likely an indication your paint also needs a refresher.

For sale sign in front of a freshly painted home.

Selling Soon

When you decide to sell your home, you want to make sure it looks as good as possible —and the exterior is one of the first things people will notice. A fresh coat of exterior paint can completely transform the look of your home, making it look cleaner, nicer, and newer. If you’re preparing to sell, reach out to Touch 2 Colours today!

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Notice one of these four signs in your home’s paint? Not only will we make sure your house looks its best, but we’ll also ensure it is protected from outside elements. Touch 2 Colours has the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to provide you with top-quality exterior painting. Reach out to us today to get a quote or schedule services!

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